Monday, May 31, 2010

Pewaris Mahkota

Here to introduce my team mate during Program Pengurusan Acara.

Abg bob, our team leader. he'd cute isn't he??

Abg lan. the one who so kind hearted gave us a ride home

Shukri. Freelance designer.

Han, one of the few chinese

Kak ayu, comel kaan??

Wawa, from Kluang. (but she told me it was Layang)

Kak Zura, Pegawai Tadbir di hospital muar

Biskut. also a freelance designer.

and Junaidi, our Penghulu.

Free view.

I can't capture Kak Ayu² photo as she sit quite far from me. n not forgotten Emi..

my team mate (:

p/s : rndu kt korg semua...

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