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Program Pengurusan Acara Peringkat Negeri Johor Bil 9/2010

all of us

Yes. I attend that program as a representative from Segamat along with Qilah and Emy. it was held on 24th until 27th of April 2010 at Akademi Pembangunan Belia Malaysia, Port Dickson. At first, I was thinking about the sea, a relaxing program, sleep in a nice room, maybe chalet or hotel. But, it was a daydream okay. It was totally wrong. The akademi was specialized in conducting programs for Belia and we sleep in the dorm. Haih.18 women, live in a same small dorm. I feel like I was in the sardine tin.

Day 1

We arrive there at 4.20 pm. The akademi was in the middle of the jungle, at Pasir Panjang. Because it was under Johor, the contestant was from all over Johor. Kluang, Batu Pahat, Muar, JB, Ledang (only now I know that Ledang have been a new district) and so on. There were 33 of us. The briefing was at 5 pm. At night, we were separated into 3 groups, 11 people in each group. I was in group 3. My group member was emy, kak ayu, wawa, kak ayu², syuk biskut, abg bob, junaidi, han, and kak zura. So do you know, some people who came here was the top of the Belia Organization in their place. Chairman, secretary, treasurer and others. But who am I? We were asked to choose a chairman for each group and my group’s chairman wan Juhaidi or Junaidi, something like that. I can’t recall. And from the 3 penghulus that have been choose, we need to find penghulu for all of us among the 3 and n my team’s penghulu were chosen. The ice braking start n I just introduce myself as a student and didn’t hold any title in my organization.

Our group name was PEWARIS MAHKOTA. The first day goes smoothly. As planned. During our supper, my group mate has increased by 1. He come late that night, abg lan her name. The worst thing here is when it’s the time to sleep. It was a double deck bed n I sleep on the top. The ceiling was too low and when i want to climb up, the probability for my head to chop down is 0.5. But I’m quite grateful that I am writing this blog, on this day and time with my head on it place (: Night suppose to be cool n peaceful but it was hot! I feel like I’m in an oven. I sleep with sweat covering my face and body. Kau byangkan, mandi peluh aku.

Day 2

the morning exercise

I woke up early. 5 am. I can’t sleep though. Hot hot hot. I do Subuh prayer and we have a early morning exercise at 6.30 am. Poco2, aerobic using Nobody song. And later on noon and evening we have a lecture about Management, Penyeliaaan and Keurusetiaan. At least I’ve learn all that at UTM. Pheww. There were a lot of group discussion and we need to present what we’ve been discuss. We have some problem with Junaidi as he like to talk about nonsense. I think we all have made a wrong choice to vote him as Penghulu.

It was damn tired and on the evening we have exercise again. penat la kak fasilitaor.. Sakit pinggang... when the time to sleep come, I’ve managed to sleep well even though its hot.

Day 3

It was the 3rd day n I’m quite happy. Besok nk balik, sape x happy kak oi. We’ve been asked to do certain agenda for each group.

Group 1 : Majlis Perasmian Gelanggang
Group 2 : Tayangan Amal

Group 3 : Majlis Makan Malam

As a first group, we need to do it first at 2 pm. Followed by group 2 at 3.30 and group 3 on the night. Tired. We need to the the paper work to borrow things, bla bla bla. A lot of things need to be done. But we’ve manage to do it. Abg bob n kak ayu acts as the vip and the majlis goes according to plan. Emy act as the penyambut tetamu. Haha. Pdan muke kau. When we finish, the facilitators gave her comment. A lot. Nothing is perfect. But alhamdullilah we managed to do it. I take the coment as an advise so that in the future when the time comes for me to handle my very own program I can do it well.

For group 2, the movie they want to show was IP Man 2. I never watch IP Man 1 even it is in my external. As we watch, the laptop seems to have same prob and we just watchrd it for about 15 minutes. Disappointed la..

We didn’t have the evening exercise so I sleep, sleep and sleep until 7 pm. Tidurtidur ayam je krana xade plugger utk telinge.

The dinner held by group 4 was well organized as they have plenty of time to manage it. The waiter, the penyambut tetamu, the mc. Not to mention that almost all of the members of that group were experienced on handling dinner etc. It will be quite embarrassing for them if the dinner failed rite? It was a fun dinner and I’ve managed to snap pictures too.

i forgot to mention that abg bob being vvip for both my group and 3rd group! maybe he act like vvip well.

At night when we were starting to sleep, the penghuluwati, kak win, told us about org bunian who live at the back of the block. I was like hurm... better not to tell bout it, it make people who already scared double it. They, i mean the org bunian don’t really like hectic. So, just pretend like we know nothing and stay come. I sleep at the moment i put my head on the pillow. Dreaming of home.

Day 4

The last day. We need to arrange our own Majlis Penutup fot this program and AJK induk are the one who involved. But others need to help also meh.. the majlis was at 12 pm. Some problems arise but i don’t want to mention it here. It was to menyakitkan hati semua org. Thank to our penghulu. Because of that we’ll have a really bad perception on u! The Majlis goes smoothly and dirasmikan oleh pengarah Akademi Belia Negara itself. We watch the video of us from the start of the program until the last day, kelakar!

After lunch we were heading back to Segamat. Qilah, emi and I join abg lan as he live near segamat and so good hearted to invite us take his car. Terbaik laa bang (: As we approached to Segamat, the traffic was heavy. Segamat jam wa ckp lu.. sbb tomorrow kn cuti, plus dgn train nk lalu lg. Haih. We stuck there for 30 minutes.
Reached home safely at 6.40pm.

while discussing

Yet another program I've attend. not knowing how much. but I know there will be more in future.

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