Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Day to Remember.

Today, I hang out with Anizah, Kino, Ina & Balqis. Thanks Anizah for pick me up! Mkn kt KFC, snap2 gambar. Then karaoke!
So do you know, Kino yg sakit tekak pun melalak2. But, Balqis seems a little bit shy.. Ina got to work at 4, so we dropped her at her workplace and straight to go bowling.The place was not as crowded as usual, because it's Thursday. I'm not really good at bowling actually, n Balqis won the game. She's superb la.. After that, we're heading to Rock Garden to meet Farina there.. She's gorgeous, obviously. Chantikk... I like her hair. :) She treat us there. Thanks dear.
And balik2 j, dpt thu adik pnye handphone hilang, or cicir he said. Haih, mmg la kau. Anyway, i love hanging out with them. And can't wait to finish my study and gain my own money. :)

mase ni aku n ina nyani lagu Mr. Brightside. Sakit tkak truih.

gambar ni comel sangat :)

aku ambk gmbr sambil tergelak, haha.

Farina yg free hair, cantik kaan?

dr ats : blqis, kino, diba
photographer : anizah

p/s : nti kte hang out la lg ea? hehe.

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