Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My aunt's wed

I'm was at PERAK! Can u believe that? Though I was there for 2 days only. but it was fun, I had a great and happening day there. I'm attending my aunts, Auntie Olin, wedding. Okayy.. I don't want to talk much, let the pictures tell.. :)


the newlywed :)

my aunt

mas kawin ! Rm 500

bride maid tgkap muat

in room. Ucu yg decorate.

mum and opah

aisle, padahal tangge.

did i mention that the make up was done by a gorgeous women? well, i find later on that "she" was a "he". bha ha ha. honestly, i never find a girl as perfect as he. huhuhu...

kepada newlywed, semoga perkahwinan korg berkekalan dan dirahmati ALLAH. Amin..

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