Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Interest

Vampire, werewolf. Obviously I always have my interest on these creatures. I don’t know whether they really exist or not, it may be extinct. In Malaysia, vampire isn’t been describe as what people in Western country. While werewolf, I'm not sure whether it does exist or not. I don't think there are a werewolf in Malaysia, not that I believe it exist in real world.

This is Isabella Swan, the heroin of Twilight Saga who later on turned into vampire after giving birth to her child, Renesmee, half vampire-half human. And daughter of Edward Cullen of course.

Pontianak: Woman with long hair, white clothes and they survives on blood from women who just delivered their baby. Always been called as ghost.
Vampire: People, man and women. That are immortal, also survive on blood, can turn any human being into their races too. But some said that they have a longer life than ordinary human, 1 to 10 years. Meaning, 1 year for them, was exactly 10 years for human.
As in Cirque Du Freak.

There are other version of vampire out there. And right now, I've read so many books about vampire. Abilities to run faster, fast healer, sharp hearing. Dunno since well I've been fascinated by them.

While werewolf, is human who will turn into wolf during full moon. As in Harry Potter. Other version, in Twilight and Underworld, they are a shape shifters, people who can change to wolf anytime they want.

Sometimes, I fell like I want to be a vampire. I am much stronger than anybody, and can live for eternity and doesn’t aging! Can you imagine how many money I can get if I work forever? Hahahahaha. It was nonsense. There are no such things, it was 100% my imagination.

I love to write about something in my expertise. Well. Hope you enjoy it.

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