Sunday, June 20, 2010

Well, hello people n hye sunshine

It’s been a rough day for me. I don’t know why but it seems like I was all alone all this time. Nobody care about me and no shoulder to cry on. This phrase was absolutely unrelated to my loving family. I do have lots of friends, but they seem to be in the dark. Honestly, I’m not that type of person who like to talk much, er, under certain circumstances maybe I does. Sometimes I don’t like people over protected of me. That’s sucks okay. People may not realize who I am in the inside by judging on my outside.

There’s someone I was fond of. Well, he’s been nice to me since last year; we’ve been to same secondary school but never ever spoke to each other that time. It’s kind of weird how we can get along so well now. Well, nothing is impossible. I miss JB so much. I miss to study in my sleepless, endless night.

And right now I feel like I wanna have a BFF. Someone to share everything. Bha ha ha. I don’t have many things to tell in a holiday, I do nothing at home, except for attending weddings and reading novels. I think i wanna write a thing or two about novels I’ve read. Don’t regret to read my blog, it’s all rubbish. Some valuable rubbish?

What am I thinking right now? I wanna go to UPNM. Why? I don’t know.

Some secrets best being unexplored.

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