Sunday, July 25, 2010

blah blah..

Whatever happen, I can't give up. Its hard for me to be happy, but at least I try. I smile, I laugh but no one knows it's fake. I can't deny what in front of me, nor do I can change it. But I remembers one phrase that I learnt during mu secondary school, FOR THING S TO CHANGE, I MUST CHANGE FIRST. But, what exactly am I going to change to? A shopaholic? A nerd? Joking. Whatever it is, I must change to a better person.

Things that only ruin my life must be eliminated, and improve things that are already good. I never given so much thought about what I’ll become in few years. But, I really want to be a better person, so that I can take away my mum burden. Pain she carries all this time. She was my everything; I love her so much even I never showed it physically or literally.

My dream to achieve 4 flat was not yet being accomplished. InsyAllah, this semester I’ll give my fullest.

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