Sunday, July 11, 2010

First Day at JB

From home after Zuhur and arrive at Cik Cil’s house about 6 pm. The journey really takes a long time eventhough it’s not far. My back n my ass was so damn hurt. I really need to take Anlene after this. At night we eat outside and after that heading to Danga Bay. Well, a place my friends and I always go for a day out. Pergi ramai² memang best kaan, mak long siap naik train yg bwak passenger pusing 1 danga lagi. Aku, Eg, Kak Mi, Adik n fitri naik roller coaster yg tak best. Aku penah naik dulu dgn yana, yang kt genting lagi best. Yay! The clock starting to struck 12 baru balik, n sekarang aku melepak kan diri dalam bilik sambil menekan papan kekunci laptop.

Seriously, aku rase nk hempas je laptop ni, berjam aku tunggu die nak jalan, abg ajib pun da tido, padahal dia yang beria nk online fb td. Tp aku pulak yang siap update blog ha. Mesti ada virus ni, kempis balik la purse nk beli anti virus. In a few minutes, Germany vs Uruguay will be on air. I don’t know if I would watch it or not. Probably not. But, Paul the octopus had chosen that Spain will be the Champion for World Cup 2010 and Germany will be in third place. Bah, like I will believe that sort of things. Don’t ask me which team I support, I definitely have no idea.

I’m so sick of people asking me “pkwe sehat?” Hell no! Why don’t you first ask, “Do u have a bf?” nah, that’s kind of question is the type that I’ll happily answered. Seriously, don’t suddenly ask me like that, I mean like ever. Not until you know whether I have one or not.

Peep, peep, off to bed.

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