Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Have you ever thought of what will happen if your memories suddenly disappeared? You may not remember a single thing about yourself or even about anyone, not even your name. How can you live without even a glimpse of past? Are you really going to survive in an unknown reality or rather just drift away in your own fantasy?

The thing you dear the most, the things you cherished all your life, gone. Even your love one. Important memories have been erased. We do have two memories though, heart memories and body memories. If my heart memories were destined to be gone, I guess I’ll depend on my body memories. And I’ll best pray that the person I dear the most doesn’t forget about me. So that he'll always beside me to hold my hands. And whatever feelings I have toward that person will always come back, even without those memories. I’ll strive for my best to regain my memories. I don’t want to lose something I hold on all this time, definitely not.

Life is full of hardship, but in between it, there always been something that as sweet as honey, as mesmerizing as sakura no hana and as passion as love. Don’t ever regret it, blessed to God you’re still alive and enjoy it while you can.

Even now, life have been really difficult isn't it?

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