Sunday, August 22, 2010

One Piece

I first read the manga during my primary school. I didn’t follow the manga neither the anime at first but now I’m totally addicted to it! OMG, what happen to me? I can’t wait to see next episode. Let me briefly tell you what One piece is all about.

Luffy, who ate Gomu-Gomu fruit sails to the sea to become Pirate King. He found his crewmate along his journey to the end of Grand Line where One Piece, treasure left by Gol D. Roger a former pirate king said is located. Gomu-gomu is one of the types of Devil Fruits that exist in this story. This fruit allow it users to change their body or manipulate something according to what type of fruit it is. Some type of Devil Fruit is Hana-Hana (eaten by Robin), Love-Love (eaten by Boa Hancock) and many more.

Luffy crewmates are Zorro, Nami, Ussop, Sanji, Chopper, Robin, Franky and Brooke. Although it only have 9 members, but all have them have bounty on their head.

Luffy : Nicknamed Straw Hat Luffy, have a body made up of rubber after ate Gomu-gomu fruits accidently. A captain of Straw Hat Pirates.

Zorro : nickname Pirate Hunter Zorro. A very skillful swordsman. Love to sleep, hane no sense of direction at all. He fight using 3 swords.

Nami : nicknamed "Cat Burglar" Nami, a navigator to the ship. She is somehow stronger that you expected for a girl. She fights using his Clima-Tact. It enables her to produce cold air, hot air and thunder.

Ussop : nicknamed "Sogeking", the sniper. He can shoot very accurate. Always say lies. Fight using his weapon, slingshot.

Sanji : Nicknamed Black Leg Sanji. A cook at the ship. Have a powerful kick. Always in love with women.

Chopper : Nicknamed Cotton Candy Lover. A reindeer that ate Human fruit, giving him abilities to speak and walk like a human. He is a doctor for the ship. Fight using his strength by eating rumble ball.

Robin : Nicknamed Devil Child. An arceologies. Ate Hana-hana fruit, giving her abilities to create copies any of her body parts at place she can see. A very good fighter.

Fanky ; nicknamed Cyborg Franky. A shipwright, half robot and half human. Because he’s a robot, he is strong.

Booke : nicknamed Dead Bone Brooke. A skeleton who live again because he ate life-life fruit that gave he abilities to have second life. The musician on the ship. Fight using a cane sword and very good at fencing.

Each crewmate have their own identity, the work as a team. And really trust each other.
I’m just telling you a little bit of them, you can google or bing it if u want to know more. Trust me, once you watch, you’ll always want to know the end :)

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