Monday, November 8, 2010


I went to City Square, JB last Friday and saw the advertisement. I'm so looking forward to watch it. I quickly want to enter this contest by Nuffnang, with hope that I'll be the winner. :)

What am i going to do if I had a beautiful, magic hair like Rapunzel? Ouh, probably I'll color it red. I LOVE RED! Instead of blonde, red will be much much more attractive ^.-

I obviously had a magic hair, so I can use it as i will. I can cook multiple dishes at once, do multiples of chores and do assignment too! It's awesome! It will be nice and my daily routine will be less burdened. Besides, I can probably be like Rapunzel too, waiting for her prince charming to rescue me in the tower. And who exactly my prince charming is? Besides, if I'm so lazy to walk, I will asked my hair to walk for me. Isn't it cute? My hair is walking. Yup. Everybody will be so damn jealous. I can climbs to class faster without using that stupid elevator in my faculty that will closed before i go out. I can copy my lecture's note in a blink of an eye, and I can fight who ever that come in my hair with my magical hair that will harden as i will and can knock off enemies with one smash.
I love long hair. And I do want a beautiful hair like Rapunzel. :)

I will wait for my hair to grew longer to 70 feet. See if it will be as beautiful as Rapunzel's Hair.

This is my current hair, I think it worse! What do you think?


  1. HAHA. aku tak pernah ade rambut panjang lebih paras bahu ni ha. kalau lebih pon, bertuahhh lahhh. HAHAHA. *Azam tahun depan, rambut kena lepas paras bahu! yeay! HAHA

  2. haha.. kau memang, rambut nak macam dora the explorer kan. rambut aku juga la yg pnjg. huhuhu