Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Ouh, ouh! I couldn't stop listening to the song played in the movies. It is so AWESOME!!!

The story is a bout a girl, named Ali. Short for Alice, whom her dream is to be a singer and a dancer. Its a musical movies obviously. Where she goes to L.A. to search for a job. At first she didn't found her dream job, but thats when things starts to happen, he found a club, that the thought a strip club at first but eventually it is just like any other ordinary club. Only that the owner of the club has an amazing beautiful voice. Here she met Jack, bartender slash piano player in the club. I think he is cute. She try to applied as a singer and dancer but the owner, Tess refuses. Ali didn't gave up and she just start working right over as a waitress in the club. After like a few days, the club held an audition and she suddenly make her audition and fortunately hired as a dancer.

I'm not gonna tell the whole story of course, you got to watch it yourself. as a wrap, it is an amazing musical movie with a ear catching song, great voices, pretty faces, ouh, and Christina Aguilera is so damn beautiful! There's a song I love the most, written and performed by Christina Aguilera entitled Bound To You. I kinda feel that the song moves my heart. Other songs are good too such as You Haven't See the Last of Me by Cher. But of course the first song that make me love this movies is a song sang by Cher, Welcome to Burlesque. Quite weird because i never hear this kind or type of songs actually, but then i instantly love it. Well guys and girls, I gave 5 stars. :) I couldn't help myself from taking Ali picture. Duhh....

Look here, the pictures are beautiful isn't it? :D


  1. ehem 'Look here, the pictures is beautiful isn't it? :D' it should be Look here, the pictures ARE beautiful isn't it? :D