Tuesday, July 26, 2011

anime crazy

time to talk about anime.:D

One Piece

I've already write about it before right, I'll just add up the new things. You'll probably know that this anime doesn't end yet. Even the manga still continuously updated. For those who never watch or know about this anime probably would think that i am crazy cause willing to watch and wait every week just to watch the new release anime, but once you watch it, u will turn exactly like me.

Luffy, the main protagonist in this anime got a brother name Ace, who is the pirate king son. They are not related in blood in any ways. He were killed by marine. So sad, because among all the Devil Fruits available in the anime, I like the one in Ace possession, Fire. And Ao Kiji's, Ice. Well well. When Ace die, the new user for that Devil Fruits will appears later. During that time where Ace's execution are going to be held but were distrupted by Ace's nakamas (friends), Luffy's crewmate were seperated in diffirent places by Kuma (One of the Warlords).

Warlords is pirates who are under Marine,they are willingly to work for marine and fight for them as well. One of the Warlords, name Boa Hancock and a female possesses a Devil Fruits. Her ability to turn anyone he like into stone, she is very beautiful and sexy. Anyone including women couldn't resist her beauty and with the Love Fruit power, she is considered as the strongest pirates and the only female warlords. Apparently, her power to turn human into stone didn't works on Luffy as he didn't have any feeling when he saw her. Thats what i thought. Because of that, she feel in love with Luffy and she always help Luffy in any situations including the time when Luffy save Ace.

Boa Hancock. Dangerously Beautiful and Seductively Sexy. Right ?

From Left: Boa Hancock, Bartholomew Kuma, Brocodile, Mihawk, Jinbei, Gecko Moria and Doflamingo. Crocodile is not a Warlords anymore. I will write about in in another post.

P/s; Some of the names may not be true. I just put in the name from what i know.I do not own any of the pictures.

Picture of Boa Hancock taken from http://www.animecharactersdatabase.com
Picture of the Warlods taken from http://www.elance.com

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