Friday, October 21, 2011

Foreign Friends

Before that, I am soo over relieved now because water supplies in my floor are back. No need to go upstairs anymore everytime: to bath, wash, pee and et cetera. It's been a week you know. Next time the water is gone, I will scream the hell out of me until each windows in this college break. hmph !

Okay then, back to the title. For this semester, i take a READING FOR SPECIFIC PURPOSES class. What i like about this class is that, there are only 11 people attending it compared to 14 registered. Among 10, there are 2 Iraqi-an students, male. i can't recall his name though. I only remembered Ahmad Hassan and the other one, I only remember what his name mean, lion? Ahh, whatever.

They were in my group for our assignment and i talked to them regularly, i also has Ahmad's phone number. what i like about them is, they love to talk. So then because I am also a talkative person, i tend to speak with them easily. My malay friens were curious about their age, so i ask them and Lion (lets call him lion okay) answered he don't know how old is he. He is telling a story on how Iraq was in war and people were dying all over the place and he was found inside of the box with no birth certificate to know when he was given birth and so. Ahmad were laughing like hell and I was like HHHAHHH?? #jawdropping. Like hell I would believe that. Obviously he didn't want to tell me his age. Afraid i might faint knowing the different in age between us? HAHAHA...

I like being in a relationship with foreigner. (not that kind of relationship you think !) They are nice, easy to talk with. Although their English is kinda difficult to understand because they speak to fast with their accent. But i can tolerate that because i also speak very very fast. I once asked one of the foreigner about Malaysia and she said Malaysia is green, harmony and calm? The green part i can believe, but harmony? calm? where did she saw all this? even me, myself can't stand the selfishness in some of the students who use bus here. I don't want to talk about it. But then it is good you know. Foreigner see our country that way. Maybe I am the sole person here who don't know what does harmony and calm mean. My though didn't have to be count. My heart is as hard as diamond, i can't feel anything.

Seoul Garden post is coming..

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