Friday, October 14, 2011


I am such a goner !

Back from my friend room and i decided to tidy up my room. After clearing up, I start to clean up mugs and dishes. But the the moment i want to get into my room, it stuck. CRAP! I accidently locked the door before. But i can't remember why exactly i locked it. My head is spinning because I was making sandwiches before washing the dishes. And that stupid sandwich maker will not AUTOMATICALLY switched off! instead i have to switch off directly from the plug on my own. I might as well just sleep at my friend room but then because of that thing, I'm afraid that it will started a fire and then i will be blamed because sooooooooo absent minded and didn't pay for the electrical supplies bla bla bla..

I quickly call the felo on duty to ask for spare key and the moment i got the key i ran like hell and my room were on 3rd floor for God sake. It took me around 2 to 3 minutes for that go back and forth trip. Can you imagine how fast I'm running? Because of the adrenaline rush, I can't even swallow a food at all right now.

Guess I will take a mug of Green Tea to calm down.