Monday, October 31, 2011


I love reading. That’s a fact. Eventhough that fact doesn't exist in my mind while I registered for my Reading class.

No matter how long I wait for One Piece Episode 521 to be finish downloading, with a slow internet connection, there is only a little hope for it to finish soon. (Can't blame UTM though).

OK then, while waiting, I will tell something about what I recently found during my group discussion. Of course you learned it during secondary school but for those whom leave it years ago probably doesn't even remember. This entry is kinda like refreshing our memories because English Literature is so wide and vast. It's a loss if we just didn't care about Literature. Not only in English but also in Bahasa too.

Metaphor. When you describe something, without using 'like' or 'as'. It is a literary figure of speech that uses an image, story or tangible thing to represent a less tangible thing or some intangible quality or idea. I got that from Wikipedia. For example, you want to express you love toward someone. "You are the sunshine in my life." Meaning that you are clearly describing her as sunshine, which you cannot live without.

Simile. Directly compares two unlike things, usually by employing the words "like", "as", or "than". For example, your lover is so beautiful you want to tell her. "You beauty is like a chandelier" or maybe you want to tell you friend how much she meant to you” Your voice is the best music to my ears". Even voice is basically not even a music, but then if you sing it will turn out to be music, but here, meaning that when she speak, it make you feel appeal or pleased. Sort of.

Hyperbole: is the use of exaggeration. For example “I shall cross an ocean of fire, a mountain of larva, just to get to you". But then of course you are not going to do that, you just exaggerate, telling that you will do almost everything just to get to her. “You feel like paradise”. How you ever meet someone who feels like paradise? In fact, we don’t even know what paradise feels like. So it just a way of saying his presence make us feel wonderful and so on.

Idioms: ideas as expressions. Example "Their revenue is a drop in the ocean, compared to the debts." Meaning that it is a very small part of something.

I can't recall anymore. There are others such as personification. But I am too lazy to look into. So, readers out there appreciate whatever language you are speaking right now, learn more. There's nothing more valuable than knowledge.

To haters out there, bit your own tongue! (This is just an example of idioms, don't take it seriously. Even you are my haters, I don't have any reason to be mad at you or even to ask you not to talk. )

“Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.” ~ Conrad Hilton

P/s: most of the info I collected through internet, that’s what internet for right :)

P/s/s: One Piece doesn’t even near complete by the time I finish writing this entries. #NO TO SLOW WIFI !

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