Thursday, October 13, 2011


Tajuk nak makanan je kan. HAHA :D

Put that thought apart. Naan or simply Roti Naan as we often called, is some kind of bread that use i don't know what kind of flour actually to make it. Well, it is cooked inside a tempayan. I ate it last night at 3 am as a supper. It is just nice, delicious enough for me. Although anything is edible for me as long as it is called food. The look itself is delicious and appealing as it is. It taste soft and crunchy and make you want another.

I ate Cheese Naan which is basically a combination of cheese and butter on it. At first only watch the 'mamak' cook it but I obviously can't suppress myself not to ask anything and I start to ask questions to him. I've been wondering how can that bread stuck inside the tempayan and I saw him put something on the dough before that. When I asked he said it was just a plain water but the how come water can make the dough stuck there. HE LIED! Obviously it is something else. White egg to be exact. After about 3-5 minuter he take it out from the tempayan and then he put the cheese and butter on it and put it back. To melt it. I guess.

When I ate it, it make me full enough. same as when i eat rice. The price is cheaper than rice with dishes. I kinda prefer it as my money will not be flowing like a river when i buy it. But then the price for Tandoori Checken is different, way higher. It cost me RM2.50, but together with Tandoori Chicken will probably be about RM7+. Don't buy it if you were in need of money, like me.

Tempayan is a Malay word for Crock. The naan is cooked in the side of Tandoor, a type of tempayan. It is a clay type oven.

Ouh, I am so damn hungry right now !

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