Thursday, January 12, 2012


I am staying up all night. Doing nothing. Exactly. Watching animes and downloading DBZ. What else more interesting than that?

Well, well. Be it animes, drama or movies. I often search for the subtitled version rather than dubbed version. Even for language that i can understand, Malay or English. Having subtitle give rather unique effect to me. And just now, I found someone comment on some videos, he wrote:

Dubs is for someone who can't read.

I laugh like crazy. It is an anime video, anime is in Japan and for people who can't speak Japan probably having difficulties in understanding the story. But, there are people who rather watching dubbed version of animes, which i found not so good as the real version. Watching anime in Japanese audio make me feel like i am in Japan. The anime itself is from Japan. Whats the point of watching anime in English audio? Er........

Enough about anime, someone might vomiting while reading. I watch Korean Reality show entitled We Got Married. It is a show where actor or any star paired up and act like they were married couple and stuff. And, what i want to show is..

A sweet wedding photos from one of the couples. Actually, I just want to point out that the groom is so HANDSOME. Doesn't your heart melt seeing his smile? *duss* I'm starting to melt....

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