Friday, January 13, 2012


i was surfing through internet and decided to order Domino's Pizza online cause they had a discount for online ordering. I decided to hold on first and wait for my friend to wake up to choose the topping together and then, i saw this...

Segamat is where my home town, the place where i grew up, all the bad and the good during schooling. I never knew there is one there. Clearly it just recently open, on last 7th January if I'm not mistaken.

Although, Pizza Hut is already there for quite some time, with the emerging of Dominos Pizza, their competitors, i most likely guess that Pizza Hut will be empty and more people will go to Dominos. Well, first because it is much cheaper and not to mention delicious. Their bread is so soft and marvelous. Second, because it is a newly open store, of course people will go there. HAHA..

So, to my doing-nothing-at-home brother who just finished SPM, why don't you work there instead of lazying at home?